eCommerce for Manufacturers and Distributors


With what is happening today, B2B Ecommerce is going to take more importance. 

eCommerce is not a once-off project and it should be integrated into your digital ecosystem. 

Also there is a lot of misconceptions and questions that you should be aware as a manufactuer or a distributor. 

How can we manage chanel conflicts ? How can we integrate ecommerce with our other systems ? What pitfalls should we avoid ? 

We'll try to bring answers to your most commons questions about Ecommerce for manufacturors and distributors. 

Here's what we'll discuss : 

✔️Introduction to eCommerce 

✔️The challenges that most companies are encountering while developing an ecommerce strategy and how to manage them. 

✔️What technologies do you need and how to connect them to your digital ecosystem with an API.(PIM, CRM, ERP,...) 

✔️Technical choices for eCommerce : pricing, platform options, inventory and stock management and many other. 

See you on April, 21st at 11:00 am.Ÿ


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